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The Rx Pharmalyzer is a flexible online based Pharmacy Data Analyzing System currently accessible at ( that generates several types of drug reports and in doing so enables you to be able to know estimated market share in both value and volume terms of the various drug classes, the products within drug classes and the distribution among the various health facilities in Ghana.

This system provides month on month, year on year analysis of served prescription of pharmaceuticals across hundreds of services providers.The RxPharmalyzer currently has in the system over 3 million served prescriptions in Ghana since 2012.

IMS Health (a global leader in healthcare data and the largest vendor of physician prescription data in the US) now solely markets the rxpharmalyzer.


BENEFITS OF RX PHARMALYZER                                                                          The Rx Pharmalyzer provides pharmaceutical companies with the following benefits amongst others:

  • Evaluate Ghana’s market opportunity for your portfolio by assessing major growth drivers, market segment dynamics, and market access hurdles.
  • Impact of Sales Representative promotion on prescribing/product usage: Brands managers can quickly identify which markets appear to react faster to rep promotions.
  • Competitor Intelligence: Managers could start to analyze where companies are focusing their efforts- by hospitals and pharmacies and how that is changing over time.
  • Targeted Marketing: Use data to identify which health facilities prescribe competing products and set these health facilities as high-priority targets for the company’s own sales rep.

Find out more about the IMS RxPharmalyzer contact:

Contact -Enyo Nudo ( Key Accounts Manager Ghana)
Email –
Mobile – +233 (0) 544819180


Health insurance

The Rx CLAIM is an electronic healthcare processing claim system that provides real time adjudication capabilities as well as speed and accuracy in processing claims. The system is designed to work both online and offline. The Rx CLAIM is the first of its kind successfully rolled out real-time health insurance claim processing and adjudication platform in Ghana. The system is now the preferred platform for several of the leading private health insurance companies in Ghana.

The system is available nationwide across more than 700 healthcare service providers and counting in Ghana and will in 2018 be across more than 300 healthcare service providers across Nigeria.


Leveraging the full potential of RX CLAIM’s technology and experts, insurers benefit from a more secure, reliable adjudication system that can provide direct payment, deferred payment and paper reimbursement options. RX CLAIM also provides quality and anti-fraud controls, as well as powerful reporting tools to help insurers underwrite and analyse claims data.


  • Easy to integrate into any major existing IT system (allowing for synergistic operations of current IT systems
  • Reduces man hours spent in searching for suspicious claims (as system flags

    all suspicious claims which did not pass the internal 3 levels of adjugation for further review)

  • Turnaround time for processing claims reduces dramatically
  • Reduce reliance on paper
  • Harmonisation of names of products, reducing errors in naming products


Health insurance

RX HOPES  (RxHealthcare Operating Enterprise System) is a range of healthcare facilities software’s designed for the entire Healthcare provider market. RX HOPES has been designed to follow typical patient flow. Our range of software’s is ideal for both small and large healthcare provider businesses.

The system is completely paperless and has handwriting recognition software components incorporated into it to enable healthcare professionals still maintain the habit of writing.


  • Tailor made for specific healthcare providers
  • Comes with hand recognition software incorporated
  • Fully integrated with Health Insurance systems
  • Excellent Patient information management system
  • Allows for advanced medication and laboratory searches
  • Software is incorporated with Financial, Clinical, Inventory, Human resource & Operational systems that work seamlessly.
  • Generates comprehensive data analytics on disease burdens, financials and drug use.


Health insurance

RxHealth brings together a community of software developers & engineers, and partners with other experts in the industry to provide you with the best team to help you transform your idea into a powerful and scalable product. With the help of our family of developers and engineers, we cover the whole cycle of digital product development.


  • Custom software development
  • Services oriented architecture
  • Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Software Release management
  • Development Operations