IMS Health is one of the world’s largest healthcare data and technology companies with revenues north of 2 billion dollars and processing 5 around petabytes of data daily.

We are proud to be an IMS Health partner of choice for their data and software technologies in Ghana and Nigeria



Nationwide Mutual Healthcare (Nationwide) is a Private Mutual Health Insurance scheme promoted by the Society of Private Medical and Dental Practitioners (SPMDP) in 2003. Nationwide is essentially a mutual fund into which the contributions of all members are paid, and is utilised to provide healthcare services to members who so require. Nationwide is an autonomous not-for-profit organisation based on solidarity between its members and is democratically accountable to them.



Acacia Health Insurance is a Private Commercial Health Insurance Scheme, set up as per the National Health Insurance Law in 2012, Act 825, operating for the benefit of its members.

Our Health Insurance Company offers a comprehensive medical care package to members, which include among others hospital consultations, surgeries, dental care, prescribed drugs and optical care.

With a wider coverage of Health Service Providers, we (Acacia Health Insurance) are making it possible to meet almost every facet of health care, bringing our clients the opportunity to live their lives with better health.



Premier Mutual Health is a registered Limited by Guarantee Company in Ghana and operates as a Private Mutual Health Insurance Scheme. The Scheme offers different products to suit the needs of all member groups in the country.

We provide health insurance cover for corporate institutions and other identifiable groups in Ghana. These products are specially designed for the working class in the society. It affords the employer the opportunity to provide a comprehensive health insurance cover for employees and dependents. This ensures that employees have the best of healthcare throughout the year.

Our services are available through a dependable network of Service Providers located in all the ten regions of Ghana.


Apex Mutual Health Insurance is a Private Mutual Health Insurance Company established in Ghana with the objective of ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible and affordable by way of ensuring that our members are granted the opportunity to the best healthcare facilities and institutions in the country, to the best healthcare providers and to the best healthcare professionals and personnel.

We offer a broad range of medical care package to members, which includes

Consultation/ Specialist Fees, Chronic Situations, Diagnostic Investigations, Dental Care, Hospital Accommodation, Maternity Care, Neo- Natal Cover, Prescribed Medicines, Surgical Treatments. Other specific benefit limits includes Hepatitis ‘B’ management: Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test- covered, Hb viral load- once in a year; Drugs- only livolin forte/Liv 52 – once monthly, MRI & CT Scan for once a year, Obstetric Scan for four times in a year, Spectacles for once a year.


GLICO HEALTHCARE is a unique addition to GLICO GROUP and reflects the natural pedigree of the GROUP and it’s progression in providing integrated and complete insurance services to the Ghanaian public. GLICO HEALTHCARE thus became the first Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) to be established in Ghana following the enactment of the National Health Insurance Act 2003 (Act 650), to offer the Ghanaian public affordable and quality healthcare.

Our customers benefit from our in-depth specialist attention in the provision of comprehensive medical services and supplemental health insurances to address the inherent limitations of the National Health Insurance Scheme.


Metropolitan Health is an international world class private health insurance company that seeks the financial wellness and well being of your employees, family and your dependants. Metropolitan Health Insurance Ghana has a vision to be the preferred lifetime financial wellness partner, with a reputation for innovation and trustworthiness.


Cosmopolitan Health Insurance
Cosmopolitan Health Insurance seeks to transform the health care experience through a culture of excellence, care, quality service and innovation. Cosmopolitan’s mission is to provide the highest levels of coverage possible to our clients. We work to ensure that our insurance products are of
the highest standard possible and our plans provide high levels of flexibility with comprehensive coverage.


NNPC HMO Limited is a private subsidiary company of the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission
NNPC HMO is an upcoming Health Maintenance Organization that will offer health insurance solutions
to individuals, families, and corporate groups in Nigeria.




Medifem is one of the leading healthcare facilities in Ghana offering a full range of health services including maternity, paediatrics, urology, dental, obstetrics & gynaecology, pharmacy, imaging and diagnostics and surgery. They boast of a state of the art fertility centre as well.



Sinel Specialist Hospital is an ultra-modern specialist hospital in Ghana offering 24 hour healthcare service. They offer specialist services in maternity , fertility, paediatrics, family planning as well as health and nutrition.



The center is poised to deliver health care services aimed at Maintaining health, by empowering our cherished clients through health education, provision of adequate client-friendly information that urge clients to take responsibility in self-care health management. Health monitoring through a comprehensive medical examination package provided under the insurance scheme and managed using our state of the art diagnostic equipment. Acacia Medical Centre prides itself on preventive health through its cold-chain management, providing basic and essential preventive and health promoting
vaccines for all ages.